The companies of the Vietz Group are among the leading German manufacturers of welding equipment for construction site operations. We have focussed on equipment for pipeline construction.
Our technology is used where pipes are joined onto pipelines. We supply welding equipment, welding power units, generators or tracked welding vehicles suitable for your piping cross-section and pipe type. Our delivery range also includes a large number of tools and auxiliary equipment required for welding pipelines.
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Metal Welding

The majority of all pipelines are made of steel pipes of various grades. Vietz supplies a wide range of products for welding metal pipes. We supply you with welding inverters for the various welding processes including the necessary tools and consumables.

PE Welding

Pipelines made of plastics have gained considerable importance in recent years, especially in the area of water supply. We supply equipment for the welding of PE pipes in the two common techniques of socket welding and butt welding technology.

Our product range for the field of welding

The Vietz Arcotrac is a modular tracked welding vehicle concept specially developed for pipeline construction with large pipe diameters.
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Inverter Unit (DGV)
The use of modern welding inverter (DGV welding unit) reduces the total weight of our DGV welding units.
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Inverter welding units with compressor type Arcobil
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Generator Unit (GDV)
The GDV 350K welding unit reliably supplies power for welding with large electrode diameters in continuous operation.
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PE Paywelder VFT
Our product range VFT has been developed for the effective and safe welding of large format PE pipes.
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Sleeve Welding Units
VIETZ offers you socket welding devices (electrofusion welding devices) from well-known German manufacturers.
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Butt Welding Machines
VIETZ offers you butt welding machines from well-known German manufacturers.
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Welding Inverter
Vietz supplies welding inverters in cooperation with a well-known German manufacturer.
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