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    Technical specifications - PBM 2-8” and 2-12”

    Bending chart - PBM 2-8”

    Bending chart - PBM 2-12”

Bending Tables 2"- 12"

Vietz offers hydraulic bending tables in sizes 2"- 8" and 2" – 12". The larger version has a stronger hydraulic cylinder and is therefore better suited for tough materials or thick-walled pipes.

The hydraulic unit is driven either electrically or by an internal combustion engine. For the electrical versions, motors must be selected so that they are suitable for the voltage and frequency of the supply network. This is particularly important for use in areas outside Europe.

Table bending machines work in accordance with the principle of free bending between two support points. A horizontally mounted hydraulic cylinder with shaped pressure piece applies force to the pipe, which is fixed to two counter bearings. A suitable set of pressure piece and counter bearings must be used for each pipe diameter.

Table bending machines are used without a mandrel. The bending results can therefore be somewhat behind those of vertical bending machines in terms of pipe smoothness.

Due to their design, Vietz table bending machines can also be used for pipes with end flanges. Please contact us here to calculate possible bending angles for each pipe.