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For large pipes, the force of individual or pairs of cylinders of the possible sizes is not sufficient to allow for a smooth and quick bending process. For this reason, our large bending machines are equipped with additional cylinders for individual functional groups in order to have the force required for bending thick-walled pipes of these formats. In order not to have to accept a loss of speed here, several hydraulic pumps are operated in a coordinated network where needed.

  • Vietz Bending Image
  • Vietz Bending Image

The bending process on these machines also runs via our pressure sequence control, so that the movements of the components involved in the bending run one after the other and are optimally concerted.

The machine has connections for a hydraulic mandrel, which the machine operator controls from the console on the operator platform.

Each of our pipe bending machines can be used for a range of pipe sizes. For this purpose, the machine must be equipped with a bending set suitable for the pipe.

The parts of the bending set are hooked or screwed into the machine and not welded to it. This allows a quick change of the bending sets.

Standard bending sets are suitable for use with conventionally coated (PE, PP) pipes. Alternatively, special insert sets with plastic lining are available.

Optionally, the machine can be equipped with a compressor and pressure reservoirs for the operation of a pneumatic mandrel

Technical Data

Type EV 36-48”Type EV 42-56”Type EV 48-64”
Engine typeDeutz TCD 2013 L06 2VDeutz TCD 2013 L06 2VDeutz TCD 7.8 L6
Engine power197 kW197 kW250 kW
Emission level*TIER 3, COM 3, EPA 3TIER 3, COM 3, EPA 3TIER 3, COM 3, EPA 3
Diesel tank380l400l420l
Maximum hydraulic system pressure240 bar290 bar290 bar
Flow at rated speed307 l/min346 l/min346 l/min
Maximum winch pulling force100 kN150 kN150 kN
Operating weight60 t73 t78 t

* Engines with other emission standards are available on request